The vision of the stakeholders to make this exciting trail and greenway network a reality is fueled by the presence of numerous regional linkages, many of which have drawn the local population into a routine of outdoor activity and recreation.  To turn the vision of the Chartiers Creek Trail and Greenway into reality, it is imperative that the stakeholders gain the support of local and state government officials and planning entities.  

At a grassroots level, the population of the primary trail and greenway service area must be educated of the benefits of hosting a regional trail and greenway facility.  Public education, and the willingness of local government and conservation groups to work together towards a common goal, will draw attention to the unprecedented opportunity that is present in the Chartiers valley.

Connection of local trails to the main Chartiers trail can be accomplished, like this hiking trail connected to the Panhandle Trail.

This study has been prepared as a tool for the project sponsors to build consensus, and to generate enthusiasm within the adjacent communities.  It should also be used as a tool to solicit and secure project funding.