The Chartiers Greenway will connect over a quarter million residents in the Chartiers Creek Watershed with recreational outdoor activities.  An important wildlife corridor, it would provide 48 communities with a continuous natural green and blue recreational thread.

Chartiers Creek Greenway and Rivers Conservation Plan

Water Quality is impaired by pollution that includes abandoned mine drainage, sewage, excess nutrients and urbanization. The valley has been mined for coal since 1760, while new residential and commercial development has created flooding and landslides.


Land should be left undeveloped on environmentally sensitive steep wooded hillsides and floodplain wetlands, for both environmental and economic reasons.   So far only a fraction of acreage in this vital green corridor by Chartiers Creek and its tributaries has been protected.  


Trails on the greenway's hillsides, floodplain, wetlands and waterways need to be linked together to improve access and enjoyment of natural resources.  Organized and spontaneous canoe outings are becoming more frequent year round on Chartiers Creek, the water trail.


Think Globally - Act Locally by joining your local conservation group.  Participate in outdoor recreation. Hike the Chartiers Greenway, canoe down Chartiers Creek, be environmental stewards of your Chartiers Watershed.  Its your backyard.



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